Ali Cömert Gökciler

He was born in 1979 in Adana. He is a sea lover and has passionate about green. What he sees in both is the feeling of eternity, sea and geren have limitlesness and border at the Samet time. He also targets the most extreme in business life, but also knows that it is the last point to reach. The biggest attribution he makes to himself is that he is a "second man". It rejects intelligence, believes in pragmatism and combining logic with experience. In his 22 years of business life, he has been both a business experience and a service provider in many fields from telecommunications to information technologies, construction, food and plastic industry, finance, energy and cosmetics.

He has had a business life on the axis of sales, communication and marketing. The concept of marketing is always ahead in the ranking in his mind. All his successes in business life are based on "curiosity and networking". He likes to talk, but when he takes care of the job, he focuses on the unnecessaryness of the speech and its performance. He lists the things he sees as successes from his past as follows:

  • Vodafone Turkey launches all over the world and this launch is "best practical sort of" Selecting
  • TTNET (Turk Telekom) with history's first profitable period and 2 years of consecutive increase Turkey's most managing brand awareness
  • Over 100% growth in 2 years with Dizayn Holding
  • Turkey's first single umbrella marketing, sales and establishment of advertising agencies
  • Demir Country project with 63 different nationalities to 1.5 years in the same calendar with 500% growth in sales and lean leadership to be Turkey's best-selling project concept

In fact, in this period when he wants to take a break from hard work; Moreover, when he said that one job was enough, he started to give consultancy to companies and to grow them again in addition to his partnership in Demay A.Ş.

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